Children, Youth, and Young Adults

“Along with the joys of being together, we experienced some conflicts and upsets. We learned that when we stand together as friends, we found the strength to move forward together. In unity, the way opened. In each other’s presence we grow, and we are able to find hidden treasures both within ourselves, and in others. “
from the Children’s Epistle, Annual Sessions 2016

During Annual Sessions, July 26 through 30, Friends from all over Philadelphia Yearly Meeting gather for community, business, learning and play. Children, Middle Schoolers and Young Friends (high school age) will actively participate in worship and business with their peers while also having time to share these experiences with the whole community. There are fun plans in the works for age-specific and multigenerational activities.  Young Adult Friends (YAF – age 18-35-ish) are immersed an all aspects of Annual Sessions – from business sessions, to leading youth programs to facilitating worship sharing groups.

At The College of New Jersey, the primary program areas for most ages are located very close to the main program area, building our sense of a whole community, and making it easier for parents to pick up and drop off children when we are with our same-aged peers. There is ample outdoor, shady space for children of all ages to run and play.

Plans are in the works for Age-Specific Programs:

Programs for Infants-5th grade children are being planned and  include loving care for the tiniest friends, quiet reflection, our own business meetings, and of course, FUN! Learn more about PYM Children’s Sessions

Middle Schoolers will spend days with their peers, joining the larger community for parts of Meetings for Worship for Business, meals, and multigenerational programs. Learn more about PYM Middle School Friends at Sessions.

Young Friends (high school age) spend much of the day in their age-specific program and have the option of staying in the Young Friends dorm wing with their peers or with family. Learn more about PYM Young Friends at Sessions.

Young Adult Friends (YAFs) – age 18-about 35 are planning a YAF neighborhood in one of the dorms and organizing other opportunities to connect as peers during sessions. Learn more about PYM Young Adult Friends.

We are hoping to bring together Friends from as many of our monthly and quarterly meetings as possible who are involved in the Religious Education of their children and youth. We’ll host a dinner on a night of Annual Sessions. Let us know if you’d be interested in attending that dinner by RSVP’ing here.