Announcing PYM Connect!


PYM Connect! is a new and exciting way for friends, seekers and others interested in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Quaker faith to connect with one another anytime, anywhere, 24×7, worldwide.

We are delighted to announce a new set of features on the PYM website that called PYM Connect!  Connect is a hub for constituents of our faith community and seekers anywhere in the world to keep up to date with all the happenings in our yearly meeting and engage with one another in new, creative and informative ways.

PYM Connect consists of six features, each of which brings together information and ways to collaborate that are available any time, anywhere in an easy-to-use way!
Find out more at PYM Connect!

Online Conversations

Participate in this new and exciting way to discover, connect and collaborate with Friends interested in Quaker faith, practice and witness … anytime, anywhere, 24×7, worldwide!

Visit a Meeting

Discover our intervisitation program and experience the breadth and diversity of our faith community by visiting a meeting

Attend an Event

Check out our event calendars to participate in the life of our faith community

Connect on Social Media

Connect with other PYM Friends on Facebook and other social media

Online Newsletters

Sign up and manage your subscriptions to PYM Today Online, Thread Newsletters and Program Announcements

Latest News

Learn about the latest stories, updates and news of our faith community

New: Online Conversations

The new Online Conversations are special places for our community of seekers, members and the public to connect, collaborate and grow together.  The Conversations consist of Conversation Groups – virtual discussion groups – that anyone may participate in to ask questions, share knowledge, explore spirituality and more.  You do not have to be a Quaker to participate. In fact, we invite all to join in the conversation!

We have long desired to find new ways to facilitate communication and collaboration among friends and seekers, allowing for interaction and shared experience, insight and continuing revelation beyond the confines of physical gatherings – a means for people to connect regardless of time or location.

PYM Online Conversations enable us to meet one another, engage in conversations, share experiences, inspiration and revelation – helping to connect us across the geography, time and ministries of our faith community.

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Ask questions, get answers and share information
  • Explore our faith with other interested people
  • Discover connections and collaborate with peers
  • Browse helpful community content
  • Enjoy the convenience of Friendly conversation anytime, anywhere
  • Benefit from ongoing discovery and continuing revelation!

Sharing and Discovery

As an Online Conversations participant you can also share your interests and discover other Conversations members based on their interests. You may have lots in common with other participants.  You can also follow conversations and receive email updates when someone adds a new post or replies to topics you are interested in.

The Online Conversations are a natural extension of our longstanding practice of gathering in physical locations to meet one another.  We are extending the ways we can meet into the virtual world, enabling us to continue our conversations beyond the confines of physical time or location!

Online Conversations are something we build together as a faith community. We are able to connect, collaborate and grow together. Find out more at PYM Connect!