Undoing Racism Group

The Undoing Racism Group shares a collective vision to address the racism that still persists in our Society. We propose actions which may develop the kinds of beloved faith communities we wish for our Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meetings, as well as other bodies under our care.

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We work to create a yearly meeting wherein all members and Meetings responsibly co-create that community which graces our worship and other forms of Spiritual communion. As Bayard Rustin put it, “Good will and love build the sacred base of real community, in which the dignity and equal opportunity of every person is sacred and guaranteed.”

What We Do

The Undoing Racism Group, as individuals and corporately, feels Spirit powerfully rising among us. We have formed working groups to address each of the following four areas: Learning Communities, Supporting Friends of Color, Connecting with Communities of Color, and Holding Ourselves Accountable.

The Undoing Racism Group website includes a list of workshops that Friends will take on the road to your community. Details such as travel reimbursement and honoraria should be negotiated between the workshop leader and your community.

Who We Are

During the 2014 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) Annual Sessions, a Friend of color (among others) observed that PYM’s diversity does not reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods, and called on PYM to address the racism that still persists in our Society. In response, a multiracial group of Friends came together at those Sessions and has continued to meet since, holding honest conversations and seeking way forward for PYM and its faith communities.


Gabbreell James

Oskar Castro

Viv Hawkins

When We Meet

We meet as a whole group approximately once every three months, and our working groups meet separately at intervals of their choosing. Contact one of our co-clerks (above) to join our Google Group to stay abreast of our meeting dates.

Get Involved

Undoing Racism Group is a network of Friends involved in undoing racism work throughout Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Members and attenders of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting may join the Google group by emailing one of our co-clerks (above). Join us!

Undoing Racism Group website: urginpym.wordpress.com