ACT Now: Unite to End Racism!

Addressing Racism

The time is now! Entrenched racism grips the United States and paralyzes our ability to see every human being as equal.  The National Council of Churches in partnership with faith traditions, including Quakers, across the country, have made a commitment to eradicating racism.  The NCC task force on Truth and Racial Justice say:

“We must confront this systemic evil in which even church people and structures are complicit and complacent. We challenge our communities and ourselves to join in truth-telling conversations leading to actions that right the wrongs, and thereby, with God’s grace, bring healing and wholeness to all people, and unity to the nation”

This ministry is launching with a nationwide observance of the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 2018. It begins with a rally on the mall in Washington DC. on the fourth, followed by a day of lobby visits on April 5.

Starting with the event in Washington and followed by continued work of congregations of every faith we are asked to ACT Now and Unite to End Racism by committing ourselves to awaking to the trauma of racism and white privilege in the United States through self-evaluation and institutional assessment of embedded racism including in the church. To confront it through disciplined truth-telling coupled with action in the areas of church life and practices, criminal justice, economic justice, social justice, media, civil and human rights, environmental justice, education; and thus transforming the hearts, minds, and behaviors of people and institutions.

The NCC, of which PYM is a founding member, has come under the weight of this ministry in a manner similar to our own.  PYM is supporting this event and the work following through assisting with the mobilization in our region.  All Friends are encouraged to consider:

How Can You Be Involved?

  1. Pray
  2. Commit to a renewed effort to Unite to End Racism now
  3. Help spread the word through your meeting and other communities
  4. Plan to attend the launch on April 4-5
  5. Organize neighbor congregations and attend together – and to bring their friends and neighbors

For more information contact the NCC Regional Mobilizer Terri Burgin at or check out the ACT NOW website.

Do you need help with transportation to the demonstration?

Sign up to get a seat on a bus leaving from Arch Street Meeting House.