Atlantic Coast Quaker Activists – Seize the Day – Join Us!


Sometime last Winter PYM hosted a series of teleconference calls and a few things were noticed. One of the calls included about 40 PYM Members and was focused on Social Justice and Activism. It was uniformly discovered that since the Presidential Election – Quakers have exploded in the spirit of cause and witness. A “sprint” was developed and applied for. From here a plan was made to connect the major East Coast Yearly Meetings in Social Action and social cause.  Our Quaker roots, our history, calls us to do so. On September 30th, 2017 an initial Meeting was held at Friends Center. Our path has begun. If you would like to be apprised of our growth and activities email and ask to be added to the “Atlantic Coast Quaker Activist List Serve”.  This does not obligate you to anything other than being apprised of our work and joining in only if you feel so moved.