Gathering EVERYONE: Continuing Sessions on Nov 7

Implementation Committee

On November 7, 2015, we all have an opportunity to connect with one another in a new way: Continuing Sessions. In the Five Year Plan, we decided to include everyone, more often, in the decision making of the community and to bring all of us together in fellowship. The space to do that, twice a year, is Continuing Sessions.

The location for the first Continuing Sessions has been set! We will be meeting in a beautiful, pastoral Quaker space: Westtown School. This location is perfect. It provides space for as many as 600 of us to come together in one room. There is room for us to break out into smaller groups. There are places for all of our youth programs. There is space to eat together with an option to pre-order a box lunch or to bring your own.

The plans for the event are still underway, but there are a few things we know for sure:
we are seeking to create a fresh, connected, and deeply powerful day where we all do our most important work.

Please put the date in your calendar and join us at Westtown for Continuing Sessions!