39th Annual Nanticoke Lenape Powwow

Quaker Life Council

The 39th Annual Nanticoke Lenape Powwow held on the Salem County Fairgrounds June 9th and 10th may now enter into history. Pow-Wow, from the Wampanoag Indian word “pauwau,” refers to a gathering, conducted by a holy man/ medicine man, to heal the souls and bodies for his people. In western states and Canada, it is a time for hunting, feasting, ceremonies, trading, friendly competitions. Today, these two ideas in combination are representative of the Powwow as well as an opportunity for Native Americans to reach out to share their culture with non-natives.

Chief Mark Quiet Hawk Gould commented in part, to “All My Relations and Supporters… Since 2012 we have been under attack by the NJ state government trying to break our spirit. Not because we did something wrong but because they wrongly think we might want something (casinos) that we have proven we believe is against our spiritual values. We must continue to help one another, like our families before us; support our youth and help them to advance; teach our history, teach survival, teach respect and spirituality…Whatever happens in the courts, whatever the verdict we hope will come soon…we have won!”

By invitation, the Salem Quarter Indian Affairs Committee was present with a table display. Ensuing conversations highlighted the booklet by Pastor JR Norwood (Nanticoke-Lenape), “We Are Still Here”; the work of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition; Toward Right Relations with Indigenous Peoples, workshops by invitation; and Mickleton MM’s last of their Series Toward Radical Justice and Fearless Faithfulness (set for Sept. 16 at rise of fellowship ~11:30.) An additional handout featured all 7 of our SQ meetings’ addresses and times for worship; the reverse side showed our SQ Minute of Support for the Nanticoke-Lenape Tribal Nation toward Reaffirmation by the state of NJ.

The 6-hour fundraising effort raised over $60 for the Nanticoke-Lenape Tribal Nation and priceless stories. In conversation, we were one step away from friends of F(f)riends, perhaps you know a few of them too: Lisa Garrison, Judy Suplee, Peggy (Colson) Warner, Mary Waddington, Thompson family, Mary Crauderueff, Arla Patch, Christie Duncan-Tessmer, Mary Ellen McNish, Donna Boyle (Choctaw-Cherokee descendant), Mary Ann Robins (Onondaga/Seneca), Sandra Cianciulli (Oglala Lakota), Jeremy Newman, Cara Blume. Add to the personal connections, the Opening Ceremonies; Tribal Prayer Circle Ministry; Royalty; dances (Fancy/ Shawl, Grass, Traditional, Jingle, round, Sneak-Up, Snake, Rabbit/Two-Step, Ribbon, Hoop); birds of prey and a car show; it takes two days to just begin to experience the beauty.

So, find your calendar now…mark the second weekend in June for the Annual Nanticoke-Lenape Powwow! See you for the 40th, June 2019!