Yardley Friends Host Program on Mass Incarceration

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You just have to think ‘racism’ and ‘money’ to understand what drives The New Jim Crow.

Patrick Hall

Yardley Friends Meeting hosted a presentation and discussion on the impact of mass incarceration led by The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow Princeton/Trenton Chapter. Some 25 people were in attendance, and questions led to a thoughtful discussion. Presenters included Patrick Hall, who works with Men for Hope in Trenton, supporting children whose parents are incarcerated; Petrena Young, whose organization I’m Free organization helps women emerging from prison in Philadelphia; and  Joe Hulihan of Newtown Meeting, a neurologist who has been involved with studies that deal with the incarceration of the mentally ill.

In the words of Patrick Hall,  “You just have to think ‘racism’ and ‘money’ to understand what drives ‘The New Jim Crow’.” Changing the whole justice system to reform things like bail, access to lawyers, the pressure to agree to plea deals, the “war on drugs”, the rise of private prisons, will all take time.  Two crucial areas that people can begin helping with are the “School to Prison Pipeline” and increasing support for Returning Citizens.

The workshop grew out of a three-day Pendle Hill conference on Ending Mass Incarceration two years ago.  A distillation of that conference and some possible next steps were the goal.  A sumptuous dinner was prepared by the Peace and Social Action Committee of Yardley Meeting.   This program will also be offered Saturday, July 9, 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon at the Trenton Free Library, 120 Academy Street, Trenton, NJ, along with free breakfast. Come out and learn how to help raise awareness and foster change.