2 Experiments Coming Up in the Spring


This Spring, the children’s program of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting will have 2 events that look a little different than usual. We’re really looking forward to them, and we hope that theyserve the needs and interests of the community. During and after each event there will be an opportunity for feedback that I hope will generate a conversation around the types of programs that would be most useful for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Families.

Junior Interim Meeting is a longer day.

2014-02-08-seed-websizeJunior Interim Meeting has always been a wonderful program, and a great time for the children to follow up on priorities that they generated over the summer. We’ve traditionally taken a trip to offer our service before coming back to Arch Street for some reflection (and lunch). The last part of the day has always been rushed, without enough time for reflection and almost no time for free play fellowship. Our hope is that a longer day will allow more time for a trip, and some time in our home-space.

This April, Junior Interim Meeting will travel to the Education Center at the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. We’ll get to see a real working landfill and recycling center, experiencing for ourselves what happens when we throw something away. This follows up on the Continuing Revelation summit of the past Children’s Sessions, when the children expressed a deep concern for waste and its effects on creatures in the environment.

Family Overnight has special guests.

Spring-Fam-Overnight-canoe-editSpring Family Overnight at Camp Dark Waters. This year’s Family Overnight will include all of the usual favorites (cooking together, canoeing, campfires, Quaker community), with an added twist- the Young Adult Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are holding their spring retreat at Camp Dark Waters the same weekend. It’s not a coincidence! This semi-shared event will give space for young adults who are parents to participate in a fully realized way, as well as bringing communities together that have a lot in common, kids, parents and young adults.

There will be shared mealtimes and some shared activities, allowing for multigenerational friendships to form. Plus, it will be fun for everyone to play and spend time together. They Young Adult Friends Retreat will begin Friday, May 29th, and the Family Overnight will begin as usual on Saturday afternoon, May 30th. Young Adults who are parents can reach out to Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt (epiersolschmidt@pym.org) to talk about bringing their kids with them on Friday (totally an option!)

We know that both of these will be great events, and we hope to see you there, and hear more about how we can create events that support parents and children in the Yearly Meeting.