Friendly 800’s 2015

General Secretary

Registration for Friendly 800’s is now closed.

Share photos with the Hashtag: #friendly800s

While you’re at your potluck dinner, post live photos to Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to use the hashtag #friendly800s. This will enable your pictures and updates to be collected into a live-stream, where you can see what’s happening at the other dinners! Not posting yourself? You can still see what other people are saying by using #friendly800s or by navigating your browser to

Friendly 800’s is a giant version of a potluck dinner event held in many Quaker meetings called Friendly 8’s. The details vary from place to place, but in general, Friends from the meeting gather in groups of about 8 people for a potluck dinner in one another’s homes. Friendly 800’s is when we do that on a yearly meeting level! Everyone is invited to participate by having dinner together at someone’s house on Sunday October 18, 2015. You can go to the home of someone from your own meeting or another meeting. A sign-up process will take care of the details and we’ll all end up eating in groups of about 8-12 at the same time.

Each Friendly 800 location will have similar experiences including an identical query to explore and an invitation to write a mini-epistle (one sentence long!). Also, each location will be paired up with another one so that the two groups of Friends can skype or call each other.  By the end of the evening, Friends across our whole community will have had similar experiences in many different homes.  Kind of like meeting for worship on Sunday morning!

Plan to Participate!
Friends are invited to RSVP online by October 11th, 2015.  Everyone will have the options about how far they might travel to their Friendly 800 potluck dinner.  One option will be to stick close to home and join with Friends from one’s own meeting.  Another option will be to indicate just how far you might travel – the next town over? another state? the other side of the yearly meeting?  Friends will be assigned to their host home in the week before the event ( be sure to RSVP on time so we can work this scheduling magic!).

silverwareAn agenda and all materials to support the query conversation, the call and other program details will be provided to the hosts.  Anyone is welcome to serve as a host!  The only requirements are that the hosts have room for 8-12 guests.  We’ll ask more details from prospective hosts so we know which host homes are accessible, welcoming of children, and other details.

Save the date and register now!