Work and Witness in Bloom at Continuing Sessions

Continuing Sessions

The magnolias were just beginning to bloom at Arch Street Meeting House when we met for Continuing Sessions March 19, Friends gathered in Work and Witness Groups to address common concerns, share ideas and organize for future work together. New connections were formed, plans for next steps were generated, and Friends are moving forward together to make a difference. Our new work together, like the trees, is beginning to blossom. The topics were:

Addressing Racism in PYM
Supporting Individual Calls to Ministry
Religious Education/First Day School
Public Education Concerns
Nuts and Bolts Functions of Meetings
Friends of Color Affinity Group
FCNL and Middle East Concerns
Decarceration/ Mass Incarceration
Climate Change

The Work and Witness groups provided an opportunity for Friends and groups at all different stages of growth to work on common concerns to learn from one another, strategize, and become more effective by communicating and coordinating efforts. Some of this work is in the sapling stage – the groups included Friends who have already formed or are in the process of forming new Collaboratives and Sprints.  Seeds were planted as well as Friends connected to witness to their leadings and concerns. We hear that some of these groups will soon be forming new Collaboratives!

There will soon be more time for planting and tending and for our work together to grow deeper roots and far reaching branches. The Interim Sessions Development Committee has made sure to provide ample time and opportunities to gather in Work and Witness groups at Annual Sessions 2016, July 27-31 at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. Those wishing to host a group should complete the proposal.

Whether or not you were there, you can still get involved with Friends who share your concerns and interests.  To be added to a contact group for a particular topic, please visit the Work and Witness Connection Form.

For those who wish to form groups under the care of our yearly meeting, please visit the Quaker Life Council Application for Work Witness or Activity within PYM. With questions or for help navigating the processes please contact Tricia Coscia,, 215 241-7238.