With Divine Assistance, Let us Plan Together


At Annual Sessions 2013 the Long Range Planning Group (LRPG) will report on progress toward a plan for how we might live into our dream for a more ideal future.  Part of developing a plan that is bold as God would have it be and that takes into account our human abilities and financial realities is to dream big, to envision what we would like to become. Below is the Vision for our Future as a Yearly Meeting which emerged from our listening and learning over the past year and a half.   LRPG now invites the entire membership to engage with this visioning process.  Does this Vision resonate with your hopes for our religious community?

The following three paragraphs are one step in the planning progress report that LRPG will share at Annual Sessions 2013.  We each can engage other Friends in imagining where PYM might be in five years.

A Vision for our Future – What We Hope to Become

Individually and as meetings, we witness to the transforming power of love and respond to the leadings of the Spirit with joy in word and deed. We live into our testimonies and work for a world where justice and peace prevail. We are grounded in our meetings for worship with silent and vocal ministry reflecting our yearning for and direct experience of the Divine. We are a community of visible, welcoming, diverse, multigenerational and vital local meetings and worship groups, united in shared understanding and shared practices described in our book of Faith and Practice. The organizational structures of our meetings are simple so that our primary bond may be to God.

Quarterly and regional meetings are thoughtfully planned spiritual gatherings which strengthen local meetings by sharing information and ideas and where leadings from the meetings may be tested and broad issues of common interest and concern may be advanced. We set the shape and direction of our Yearly Meeting through a periodic, Spirit-led strategic planning process which involves wide participation for assessment and re-vision and leads to strategic directions, programs and actions that are relevant to the needs and hopes of our community as well as relevant to the needs of the world, including future generations. We are effective in our unique purpose, but we do not work alone; we partner with other organizations to achieve common goals.

The PYM organization, established by the meetings, encourages and assists the meetings as they work with intention to achieve this vision. PYM employs staff and engages volunteers to develop programs, organize our annual and other gatherings, and manage our financial resources and property with transparency and integrity.


We encourage you to read the full LRPG report to be presented at Annual Sessions 2013 as well as the background materials about the work of the Long Range Planning Group.