Winter Family Overnight is at Onas this Year!


The Children’s Religious Life Program of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is pleased to announce its location for this year’s Winter Family Overnight- Camp Onas in Ottsville PA.

Our Family Overnights are events that I look forward to all year. Coming from a Summer Camp background, I’m a huge fan of residential community. Living, eating, and playing together, even for one night, is such a rewarding experience, it belies how simple the whole event is- we spend time with one another.

It’s hard for me to wait so long to hang out with my families this way, which is why I couldn’t be happier that there are two Family Overnights this year: Winter and Spring. We’ll go back to Camp Dark Waters in May for our Spring Family Overnight (canoeing and campfires!) , but this year we’ll also spend a night at Camp Onas in January.

Onas has a great indoor space for us to cook, play, and sleep, including a fireplace. Cozying up for bedtime stories, hot chocolate in hand, fire warming our faces as families cuddle up together sounds like one of the best things we could possibly do with our weekend time. We’ll be able to trek out to see the lake, play basketball in the barn, and if the weather arrives as I’ve arranged, we’ll have plenty of time for a High Velocity Snowball Exchange. And Giant First Day School in front of the fireplace? Yes, please.

Opportunities to step out of mainstream life and huddle together as a community are precious and vital to spiritual renewal and multigenerational religious life. I’m pleased to extend the relationship Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has with Camp Onas, and I’m certain our first Winter Family Overnight there will be a success.

Benjamin Camp