Peace & Concerns

A concern is God-initiated, often surprising, always holy, for the life of God is breaking through into the world. Its execution is in peace and power and astounding faith and joy, for in unhurried serenity the Eternal is at work in the midst of time, triumphantly bringing all things unto Himself.

Thomas Kelly, 1941

Friendly Households

Friendly Households is a home-based laboratory seeking change in lifestyle choices that promote healing and transformation in ourselves, our meetings, our local and global communities and our home, planet earth.

Growth Dilemma Project

The Growth Dilemma Project  helps Friends learn about the intersection of ecology and justice, while fostering dialogue about the need for fundamental change in the economic system.

FCNL Network

The Yearly Meeting’s FCNL Network facilitates a collaboration between monthly meetings and  Friends Committee on National Legislation, the largest peace lobby on Capitol Hill.