What to do when…

“…my life has been characterized by an inadequate, persistent effort to try to find a workable harmony between religious profession and daily practice.”
Clarence E. Pickett, 1966

Have a question? Click on the topics below, or contact the Community Engagement Coordinator if your question is not answered here.

Volunteers and Committee Members will find many answers in the Handbook.

Potential Volunteers and New Applicants

I want to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Visit Advice for Volunteers  for information and help getting started, visit the Work and Witness Connection Form, or e-mail volunteers@pym.org.

I am interested in an internship or service learning credits.

Contact the Community Engagement Coordinator to discuss your needs and requirements and determine if there is a PYM opportunity to match.

I need to reach someone about the status of my volunteering.

The volunteer coordinator tries to answer all initial contacts within a day or two. Sometimes processing a volunteer takes a bit longer, such as for internships or projects that require clearances. If you are waiting to hear back from us and haven’t been given a specific timeline, please feel free to contact the Community Engagement Coordinator and remind her that you are waiting!

Office, Program, Project Volunteers

I will be late, absent, or need to change my schedule

It is best to contact the staff person or committee clerk with whom you are working most directly. If you don’t have their contact information, staff can be reached through the Friends Center main number (215) 241-7000.  You may also contact the Community Engagement Coordinator (215) 241-7238, or Marille Thomas, PYM Office Manager, (215) 241-7211.

I'm not clear about my role, or I want more or less challenge.

It is important to us that our volunteers are comfortable and supported, and that you have an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes, someone begins work and finds that it is not what one expected or simply doesn’t work our for any number of reasons. It may be that you’d like more challenge, we need to provide better training or more support, or you’d like to examine a different role. If possible, have a discussion first with the person you are working with directly. If that is not possible or feels uncomfortable, please let the Community Engagement Coordinator know and we’ll do our best to work out an agreeable situation.

A snowstorm or other bad weather is predicted when I am scheduled!

For those working at Friends Center: PYM Offices at Friends Center are closed when Philadelphia Schools are closed due to inclement weather. On weekends you may check the Friends Center website for closings due to inclement weather. If you are working for a program or project that is scheduled for a weekend, check with the program supervisor.

For Arch Street Volunteers: Arch Street Meeting House may also close due to inclement weather. A volunteer is assigned the task of contacting any scheduled volunteers if the meeting house is closed.

Volunteering from home: Please note that staff you are usually in contact with may not be in the PYM Office on snow days. If Philadelphia Schools are closed, PYM Offices will also be closed.

For programs located elsewhere: Those in charge of the program should be getting in touch with any volunteers in case of cancellation, or will let you know where to find information.  It is also a good idea to have a cell phone or contact number for a program facilitator in case you cannot make it to the program.

Connecting with or forming a group:

I want to learn how to join a group.

Use the PYM Work and Witness Connection form to sign up to be contacted by groups working on particular interests.

I need to submit volunteer hours or get staff support with a project.

Volunteer hours forms can be downloaded from the forms page. If you need something from PYM staff and do not know who to contact, consult the Electronic Appendix, or call Tricia Coscia, Community Engagement Coordinator, 215 241-7238, or Marille Thomas, PYM Assistant to the Secretary, 215 241-7211.