“We were made differently, in order to perform different tasks. Let us rejoice in our differences.”
Margaret Glover, 1989

Queries- Why am I led to volunteer?

The following queries are based on some commonly identified reasons that people volunteer.  They are offered simply as guidance toward identifying a role that will nurture you as a volunteer as you nurture the Yearly Meeting with your time and energy.

  • Am I seeking a tangible way to express my religious faith?
  • Do I wish to make a difference or give something back to my community?
  • Might volunteering help me develop professional experience?
  • Do I have a special skill or knowledge to contribute to the work of the Yearly Meeting?
  • Am I looking to learn a new skill?
  • Am I looking to meet new people – form new connections?
  • How might volunteering help with my personal growth?

Queries-What is the work I am called to do?

There are numerous opportunities to help the Yearly Meeting to match your leadings and interests. Consider these possibilities:

  • Are you inspired by working with youth?
  • Are you willing to offer your skills to lend help with communications or publications?
  • Do you want to connect with others involved with peace or social justice?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with other friends and meetings about Yearly Meeting programs and needs?
  • Are you comfortable talking to groups and inspired to share your experience of Quakerism or knowledge of Quaker history?
  • Are you an organizer- happy to help with tasks such as filing or completing mailings?

And more- call us and let us know what you would like to offer!

What is the expected time commitment?

The Yearly Meeting can accommodate a variety of time commitments, including term-limited or ongoing service doing regular weekly assistance or relatively infrequent or episodic commitments. While some projects require a specific commitment, others are flexible to your availability.  The volunteer coordinator can help find the right match to work with your schedule.

Do all PYM Volunteer jobs involve traveling to Philadelphia?

There are opportunities to support the Yearly Meeting with little or no traveling from home, to work at Friends Center or Arch Street Meeting House if you enjoy coming in to the city, or at other sites where programs are located. Some Yearly Meeting programs may happen in meetings that are close to you, and there are some volunteering tasks that can be done from your home!