PYM Office Support

PYM Office Support volunteers give their time and talent to the creative and practical work needed to maintain the Yearly Meeting, communicate with members and attenders, and develop resources.

An office volunteer can serve in a variety of roles with varying levels of responsibility and time commitment. There are often opportunities to learn new skills. Some work can be done from home, or come into the office and spend time with other friends!

Tasks that support the Yearly Meeting include:

  • General Office Support – Help with files, mailings, packets, and organization.
  • Accounting-Friends with bookkeeping or accounting skills are needed for specific tasks.
  • Communications – Assist as a writer, designer, producer, mobile application developer, and much more whether you are a friend with advanced experience in communications or technology, or want to build your skills.
  • Database Assistant – Assist with simple or advanced database entry and system maintenance from home or the PYM office.
  • Development Assistant – Development Volunteers support the work of thanking Friends for their financial support of the yearly meeting and work with the Director of Development to be in touch with other volunteers, including Monthly Meeting Annual Fund Representatives and Phone-a-thon Volunteers to organize and support their work.
  • Grants- opportunity for a student in the fields of nonprofit leadership or philanthropy, for whom hands-on knowledge of software and of grants practice will provide valuable experience.
  • Website Development- Help with content input and more. PYM will train you!

Next steps: Contact the Community Engagement Coordinator – we’ll match your time available, skills and interests with a currently needed task. Thank you for volunteering!