Volunteer Leadership in the Young Adult Friends Community

Young Adult Friends

On the evening of Friday, May 9th, there is a called meeting to vision the volunteer leadership of the PYM Young Adult Friends community.  The terms of both the Young Adult Friends co-clerks are ending this year – Zachary Dutton steps down in June, and Liz Martin steps down in December.  This meeting is a chance to reflect on the current work of the YAF Working Group and seek out where the energy is in the community.

Currently we have many young adults who volunteer for short-term projects or to help run a retreat, but only a few who are serving on the Young Adult Friends Working Group, supporting the long term “big picture” of the YAF community.  When many young adults are transient, or experiencing near constant change in work and school, how can we have YAF leadership, and support for that leadership, that is stable and serves to anchor the community?  How can we nurture nascent gifts of young adults?

A goal of the leadership visioning meeting is to come away with a fuller understanding of where the energy is in the YAF community, what structure might best support that energy, and how we might have a nominating process that honors Friends gifts and leadings.

More information about the meeting can be found here.  (Update on the YAF Working Group here 8/13/14.)

For those wanting to delve deeper into the Young Adult Friends community, our Spring Retreat is right around the corner.  Join together with new and old Friends for a weekend of workshops, worship sharing, games, and fellowship from May 16-18th at the new Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting.  We’ll be working with the theme “More than Money: Quaker Queries on Wealth and Class.” More info and registration (due May 12th!)