This Year’s Junior Interim Meeting Plan: Historic Fair Hill


I’m excited to announce we’ll be heading to Historic Fair Hill for Junior Interim Meeting this year!

It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Historic Fair Hill Burial Ground, and it looks great.  Right at the beginning of Junior Interim Meeting we visited Fair Hill several times with the primary goal of making friends and playing games with kids from the neighborhood.  Since then their garden has grown significantly, they’ve brought on a gardener, and started a youth group with strong ties to the space.

“The Children of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are called to make the world a better place by finding fun ways to care for specific environments so that creatures living there can be healthy.”
Children’s Priority, 2013-2015

Historic Fair Hill has invited Junior Interim Meeting to get involved with their environment as part of the priority.  We’ll be growing food in the gardens, keeping it free of trash, tending the trees, ensuring the birds and other animals are safe, and working alongside the Fair Hill Youth group, forming friendships in the neighborhood.  There will also be cookouts, games, and time for worship in the sacred spaces.  Historic Fair Hill is going to be a fantastic partner for the children’s work on the 2013-2015 priority.

Learn more about the history of Historic Fair Hill.

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