Middle School Friends

Middle School Friends gathered at Camp Swatara for the weekend of May 3rd through 5th. The Swatara gathering is extra exciting because we gather at the same time as both Young Friends and Caln Quarter’s annual family weekend.

Middle School Friends dared take on the rock pile trail, an annual hike that involves climbing over a series of boulders to the top of a mountain, and then coming down by way of a small portion of the Appalachian Trail. 8th graders were invited to do the trail with the Young Friends, as a way to introduce them to their peers in the near future.

In the afternoon Middle Schoolers split into several groups to do collaborative art projects, play games in the field, and build fairy houses down by the stream. Afterwards Middle School Friends led our traditional big group game- Frazzly-Rham!

Saturday evening was spent roasting s’mores by a camp fire, and square dancing in the main building. The gathering finished on Sunday morning, when we hosted a moving up ceremony for 5th graders entering middle school, 8th graders entering young friends, and 12th graders who will be joining Young Adult Friends next year.