Staff Stand Up (with a baby!)

General Secretary

Each week the PYM staff gather in a circle for a “stand-up” meeting.  We stand in a circle to worship and share whatever is most important on our lists and our hearts for the week.  This allows us to have a sense of what is happening in the big picture and brings us together as a community.

Zachary Dutton, Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life, facilitates this weekly meeting on Wednesday mornings. After some worship Zachary invites anyone to share any adminstrative updates or facts that are relevant to the whole office.  There might be a reminder of an upcoming staff meeting or an announcement about a new hire.  We then go around the circle with each person taking 30 seconds to share what they are working on.  This is a time to hear about a Thread Gathering or youth program that took place the previous weekend, preparations for the upcoming audit, committee meetings that are pending or new initiatives that forming.  Staff members who otherwise would not really know what was going on in other areas get to find out what we are doing.

Each week we also check to see if there are any upcoming birthdays.  If there are, the Birthday Friend gets to choose one of the birthday crowns to wear. Sometimes, before we close with worship, someone will bring out The Cape.  The PYM staff are fabulous, skilled and committed – and we like to recognize heroic moments.  When someone has faced an especially notable challenge, worked above and beyond or pulled off something amazing, we make sure everyone knows about it.  Any staff person can get the PYM superhero cape, announce the deeds of a co-worker and bestow the black, red-fringed cape on that friend.

naman-w-adelineLast week, stand-up was notable.  It began with the new addition of an iPad on a stand with our Web Manager Naman Hampton, who works remotely, joining us via FaceTime (video chat).  We added a paper printout of a body so we could really make-believe that Naman was in the circle with us.

Then, midway through our go-round there was a sudden, collective “Ahhhh!” because Naman’s newborn baby had woken up from her morning nap and he was holding her.  This was the first time we were introduced to  Adeline.  To top off the eventful stand-up, Jennie had a birthday and selected the shiny crown and Hannah announced the incredible work Lynne Calamia, Director of the Arch Street Meeting House, was doing to prepare for the celebration of William Penn’s birthday and presented her with The Cape.

crownsI’m happy to share this snapshot with PYM Friends because it provides a tiny look at the dedication and the community that is part of the way we work.