Spring has Sprung gathering and after thoughts

Middle School Friends

The weather has conspired against the Middle School Friends program, giving us a warm sunny Saturday during our Winter Wonderland gathering in Januarys, and cold, snowy weekend during our Spring has Sprung gathering in March. Fortunately, Middle Schoolers can find joy in all temperatures, and we made full use of beautiful campus of Haverford Meetinghouse, Haverford Friends School, and even a bit of Haverford College.

We enjoyed workshops on journaling, Tie-dye t-shirt making (using sharpies), meditation, and discussion on how we make decisions. We were fortunate to be able to use the Haverford Friends school gym to run around and play games, as well as the field, when the snow was less intense.

Our weekend was themed around constant revelation and the concept of rebirth. We used worship sharing to delve deeper into these questions. Some of our queries included:

What does rebirth mean to you?

What is something you used to believe, but no longer do, what changed your mind?

What is a belief that you think will never change? What makes this belief so strong?

On the drive home after that gathering, super assistant Kody and I talked about ways to make meeting for worship more accessible to the Middle School age. How do we make religious education fun and interesting while not compromising the seriousness of topics like continuing revelation, Jesus Christ, and Meeting for worship? We do our best, and we’re continually working on improving what we do!