Small but Full – Reflections from YAF Spring Retreat 2012

Young Adult Friends

By Zachary T. Dutton, Young Adult Friend retreat participant & workshop leader

Our gathering was full: of celebration, hope, anguish, release, healing, connection and unity.
Past changes and losses have galvanized us to re-cast our nets further into the ocean of love. As a result, we have re-discovered a rich mixture of divinely sourced life-energy. What an example it is! The sustainability of the work ahead remains unclear, and yet who we are is as transparent as my newly Windexed windows.

The growing Young Adult Friends community is also invaluable to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and to Quakerism at large. The community demonstrates the deepening abundance of power in spiritual fellowship. Power in spiritual fellowship is attractive and thus helps sustain numbers, it is rejuvenating and thus prevents burn out in myriad practice and activism, and it feeds on, while in turn sustaining, strong interpersonal connections and family-life. So I would like to suggest that we look to the fledgling efforts of this nonetheless vibrant Young Adult Friends community for inspiration—perhaps even for our theology.