PYM Scavenger Hunt

How to Play

Use this page to read about the treasure you can scavenge in our yearly meeting. Find as many or as few items as you like. Be sure to document your items as you complete them. For example, if you find one of the oldest people in your meeting and ask them to tell you a story about Quakers, make a note of the story so you can report it. You can play solo or as a team, although you may only play as an individual OR as a member of ONE team.

The Scavenger Hunt ends October 15, 2017.

Team Formation

To play as a team simply gather a group of Friends together. The team members can be from any PYM community and of any age. When you play as a team, the points accrued by each team member counts for the whole team. For example, if two team members go together to visit another meeting (9 points), the team gets 18 points. Teams can be as small or large as you like but they must work together and the team results need to be submitted at one time. Bonus! If your team includes Friends from 3 meetings: 10 points! If your team includes Friends from multiple generations: 10 points!

Travel Bonus 

Our yearly meeting covers four states and many miles. Some Friends have fewer meetings close by so if they want to get points for scavenger hunt items that require visiting another meeting (or other location) they will have to travel. To even the playing field, Scavenger Hunters gain two extra points per person for every 25 miles traveled. This could also be used as an incentive to encourage Friends to go to a meeting that is further away than they have before. Players need to track how many miles traveled.

Submit your Finds

Fill out the form to submit your finds with responses, stories, pictures, etc. You will also be asked to list your name and contact info and the names of any team members. If you named your team you can share that as well. There is a space to make a comment for each item so if you have any extra stories or a case to make for extra points you can do that. There are extra points assigned for teams with members from 3 or more meetings or from multiple generations.

Original Scavenger Hunt Items which debuted at Annual Sessions (plus a few bonuses)

  • Find a PYM monthly meeting with lots of children and report how the meeting supports that. 6 points per meeting; visit the meeting for an additional 9 points

  • Name the commitments identified in the 2015 PYM minute of action on racism. 3 points

  • Worship at another PYM meeting and tell a Friend about it. 9 point per meeting

  • Find a diverse PYM monthly meeting and report what it is about that meeting that nurtures diversity. 6 points per meeting

  • Try a new way to bring visitors into your meeting. Recommend your own points based creativity and difficulty of your outreach.

  • Look into your family’s history. Identify ways in which your roots speak to Quaker faith and ways in which they are counter to it. 6 points

  • Find a bonnet worn by a Quaker. Where did you find it and who’s was it? 6 points

  • Visit Roaring Creek Meetinghouse; or any inactive meetinghouse. 6 points

  • Take a person who has never been to Quaker meeting to worship. Have fun. 9 points

  • Read or use a resource listed on as a meeting activity. 3 points for every participant

  • Find a meeting where the women built the roof. 3 points

  • Worship with a Quaker community that is not a monthly meeting – such as a camp or a retirement community. 9 points

  • Find a living member of “War on Drugs Working Group” which acted to prevent racial injustice 15 years before PYM One Book-One Yearly Meeting read “The New Jim Crow.” 6 points

  • Donate to PYM (go to to find out how) and tell someone how PYM connects Friends and meetings: 6

  • Find someone who created a public sign or other identification of a current or historical spot related to Quakers. 6 points

  • Visit the farthest northern, southern, eastern or western meetinghouse and talk to someone there. 9 points each

  • Learn about Paul Robeson’s life, and his connection to Quakers. Report 2 facts you learned. 3 points

  • Have tea with a Friend who is older or younger than you. Report back on something new you learned. 9 points

  • Find a meetinghouse with blood stains on the floor. Report the story of how they got there. 3 points

  • Visit a place where Friends met before building a meetinghouse. 6 points

  • Find a Quaker name carved into a bench – first and last – who is it, at what meeting? 6 points

  • Visit a Quaker stop on the underground railroad. Report on something you learned. 9 points each

  • Which PYM meeting disowned Benjamin Lay for his dramatic stand against slavery? What did he do? 3 points

  • Donate to your monthly meeting then invite someone else to join you: 6 points

  • Find one of the oldest members of your monthly, quarterly or the yearly meeting. Ask them to tell you a story about Quakers and briefly report it. 9 points

  • Find one of the youngest members of your monthly, quarterly or the yearly meeting. Ask their parent to tell you a story about being a Quaker family. 9 points

  • Talk with a Friend about how their faith affects the way in which they 1) work or go to school and 2) live their homelife. 6 points for each Friend spoken with

  • Create an art piece or writing that represents your Quaker faith. 9 points

  • Post a story to the PYM website about something your meeting is doing: 9 points per story

  • Hold meeting for worship in a public place with at least three people. Provide curious bystanders with information about Quakerism and invite them to join you. 9 points

Additional Scavenger Hunt items available online

  • Visit the statue of Quaker Mary Morris Wells, namesake for Wellsboro, PA. Alternative: get a F/friend to take a selfie with the statue and send it to you. 6 Points

  • Do historical research on a branch of PYM that no longer exists and report back two facts that you learned. Hicksite or Orthodox: 3 points. Any other branch: 6 points

  • Connect to PYM on Facebook or other online network1s. 6 points

  • Find meeting houses which have their construction date laid into a pattern of brick. 6 points each

  • Find a painting by or of a Quaker in a meeting house. 3 points per painting (max 2 per meeting)

  • Google and read about the quote from a PYM event: We are being called to step into the same stream of faithfulness that Sarah Mapps Douglass, Lucretia Mott and John Woolman stepped into so long ago. I feel we are ready to be loving and fearless. 3 points

    Bonus: Express how you or a Quaker community you are part of have experienced this. Assign your own points depending on how impactful, internally or externally, the experience was

  • What was Lucretia Mott’s ministry? Why was her minute of religious service not renewed by her meeting? 3 points

  • Donate to your Quarterly meeting and tell someone why you did: 6 points

  • Visit a Quaker stop on the underground railroad. Report on something you learned. 9 points each

  • Read “Fit for Freedom Not for Friendship” by Donna McDanniel and Vanessa Julye or any other book listed in the resources on 6 points

  • Donate to your monthly meeting then invite someone else to join you: 6 points

  • Visit the grave of a well-known PYM Quaker. Report one interesting thing about the Friend. 6 points

Wait! There’s more!

Quakers have been known to make their own rules. If you or your team makes up and completes its own item, submit it with your recommended number of points with all of your other finds.

Watch for communications from PYM with Bonus items throughout the course of the game.

Questions? Contact Zachary Dutton,, 215-241-7008