Returning home to PYM Young Adult Friends

Young Adult Friends

At the Young Adult Friends retreat at Newtown Meeting this fall, I had a moment of realization: it had been exactly two years before that I’d been sitting in worship sharing, talking about my excitement and nervousness about moving away from Philadelphia.  And now, I was back. In a “typical” YAF fashion, in the interim I have moved to two states, started sojourning at a meeting in Boston, and then in a beautiful twist, have moved back to Philadelphia (a third move and state!) for a new, amazing job.  I noticed a few things at the retreat: there were lots of new F/friends I hadn’t met, the feel and quality of the retreat was inclusive and well executed and, finally, how much I felt at home, in a supportive and loving community that I look forward to returning to at more retreats, potlucks, annual sessions, and more.

This is why I give to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting — no matter how long I’ve been away, when I return, there are Friends who greet me with hugs, love, and support. And, the least I can do is give some of those things back, and at this point that includes not just spiritually, but financially as well.  Has PYM or PYM YAFs been there for you? Think about contributing today! Giving to this campaign, whether it’s a one time donation or recurring, helps us be able to supply the structure and hold our YAF community.

Mary Crauderueff is a member of Radnor MM, sojourned at Beacon Hill MM (and is working on finding a regular spiritual home around Philly)

pym-is-us-printYoung Adult Friends have a goal of 50 young adults donating to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting by the end of 2015 – a 150% increase.  We’re more than halfway there – can you help us reach that goal?
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