Resources Lists for Friends and Meetings

Addressing Racism

During our called meeting on January 10, 2015 our yearly meeting affirmed a Minute of Action regarding how our faith community intends to address the many facets of “-isms” that confront us and our wider community.

In the time since our called meeting an “extended clerks’ team” consisting of the clerk, rising clerk, an elder and a consultant have been focusing on ways to support and encourage all meetings, members, seekers and other people to “Commit to increase our consciousness as Friends about the intersection of privilege and race in our culture and spiritual community” as included in the Minute of Action.

In support of this work, we have prepared a list of resources to help meetings think about where they are and what they may do. These resource lists are annotated bibliographies of books, websites, media and workshops organized along three “levels:” Beginner, Intermediate and “Well Along”.

We commend these resources to your attention and hope that they will help you and your meeting to reflect, consider and act on the issues and opportunities raised during our called meeting and in these resources.

For more information about the resources, please refer to the individual pages devoted to each of the three groups: