I See a Light in You

glow-candleA member of Abington Meeting, Lowell Booth, created a compilation of original songs called I See a Light in You. Below, find the individual sheet music for each song in Lowell Booth’s compilation. Booth also offers a booklet, containing history and descriptions of the songs.

Notes Before Singing

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Chord Notations: Use the suggested notations or choose your own. A slashed chord notation such as F/C simply means to play the standard notes in an F chord with C being the lowest note in the chord (CFA). Feel free to experiment.

Scoring Notes: Accompanists should practice the melody to get a sense of the intended rhythm of each piece. Feel free to speed up or slow down as the spirit moves you. Scoring may not be 100% accurate, but it conveys the general idea. The melodies are simple.

Copyright Notice: Although every song has been copyrighted, you may alter the lyrics to suit your own meeting’s needs. Please understand, however, that there are limits. “All Rights Reserved” protects Lowell Booth’s work if recorded or performed for personal profit. For this, you will need Booth’s permission. Find her through Abington Friends Meeting.

The downloadable sheet music is below.