Quaker Life Council Approves Two New Collaboratives


The Quaker Life Council recently approved the efforts of two new Collaboratives: the Decarceration Collaborative, and the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Other World Relations Collaborative.

FWCC and Other World Relations Collaborative:

As time goes on it’s more and more clear that it is important that there be focus placed on investing in a long-term relationship between Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Friends World Committee for Consultation. In light of this, Friends of FWCC started the FWCC and Other World Relations Collaborative. This Collaborative will (re)appoint a representative from PYM to FWCC/Sections of the Americas. The Collaborative will continue to meet bi-monthly to make sure that both PYM is represented to FWCC, and that FWCC is represented to PYM. The contact for this Collaborative is Toby Riley and can be reached at: TobyRiley@quaker.org

Decarceration Collaborative:

By connecting Meetings and individual Friends with communities and organizations who are most affected by the prison industrial complex, the Decarceration Collaborative will engage Quakers in the work of learning about and fighting against mass incarceration. As the first order of business, the Collaborative is working to organize an event at Arch Street Meeting House sometime in the next few months to invite community organizations and give Quakers the opportunity to connect with them around issues of mass incarceration. For Friends interested in supporting this work, reach out to Chris Lucca at: ChrisoLucca1492@gmail.com

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