Quaker Business and Zombies – MSF style!

Middle School Friends

On October 19th, Middle Schoolers from meetings all over the PYM region gathered at Princeton Friends Meeting for the first event of the new school year. We welcomed new faces and old to the fun and vibrant MSF community for the weekend in which we explored topics of the season: harvest, happiness, heaven & hell – and of course, enjoyed previews of everyone’s Halloween costumes!

One of the highlights of the weekend was the clerking and Quaker business process workshop, which was the culminating project of MSF’s 2011-2012 ELSP intern, Kody Hersh. (for more information about the ELSP internships, click here!). The workshop began with a consideration of worship (what it is, how it feels, how it’s different from other times and spaces), and an explanation of worship’s central role in Quaker decision-making. Then MSFs moved on to practice their Quaker business skills by engaging in a faux business meeting around what MSFs determined is, indeed, the most pressing concern for Quakerism in our time – how to respond to the impending zombie apocalypse. Many important questions and considerations were raised, including:

zombieDo zombies have that of God or the inner light?

Can we respond non-violently while still remaining human?

Is zombie-hood an illness, and if so can we find a cure quickly enough?

Do we have enough toilet paper to last us if we decide to survive by barricading ourselves in the library and blowing up the staircase?

Is Kurt, our beloved cook, a zombie? Wait – what? Our beloved FAP, Edy, is a zombie???!

The MSF community finally chose to follow the guidance of previous generations of Quakers by relying on a time-honored Quaker practice as a solution: we created a committee.

This exercise is just one of the many fun-filled ways that Middle School Friends come together with their peers to engage in their Quaker faith with joy and exuberance! The next opportunity for MSFs to gather will be the weekend of November 30th to December 2nd at Camden Friends Meeting (check out the event webpage for more details and registration!). We can’t wait to see you or a Middle Schooler you know there!