PYM Young Adult Friends Epistle 2014

Young Adult Friends

Beloved Friends,

The Young Adult Friends (YAF) community concurs with the Epistle of the wider Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) community.

This 2014 Annual Sessions we embraced the theme “Worship is a Door to Love” by celebrating new life, transitions within the YAF community, and new opportunities. We are encouraged by the increase of YAFs serving within leadership positions of the larger PYM body and the re-expansion of the YAF Coordinator position. We had nearly 40 YAFs at Annual Sessions this year, including many new faces. With many of us working with youth and serving on committees, we appreciate the hard work and collective effort it takes to make Sessions successful.

We spent evenings deepening our peer group. We nurtured each other in spirit with daily check-ins and shared a safe space. This year’s keynote speaker, Peterson Toscano, joined us Friday night and challenged us with a query about our role in the new climate.

This has been a week of joyful fellowship and celebration of who we are and who we hope to become. This year we look forward to deepening our connection with the Spirit and opening doorways to LOVE within in the YAF community and beyond. This includes addressing power and privilege and making way for discussions of inclusion.  We are called to be stewards of this work in our communities. There is still more work to be done to build connections across generations and to lift up the gifts of Young Adult Friends.


Awesomely Yours,
The Young Adult Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

July 27, 2014

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