[Update]: PYM Scavenger Hunt Postponed until Annual Sessions



We have decided to postpone the Scavenger Hunt until Annual Session in July instead of launching it at spring Continuing Sessions. Bellow is the original story with updated information.

There are few things in life that facilitate as much fun and provide the same opportunity to get folks moving, as a scavenger hunt. Through creative tasks, scavenger hunts offer a window into new understandings and new spaces both physically and mentally. If you allow it, a scavenger hunt can foster a sense of comradery and playful fellowship with people you already know, or it can invite you to branch out and make new connections.

Join the PYM community in this quest that transcends geographic, historic and communal barriers to offer a vehicle for a deeper connection with others in our Yearly Meeting community.

The Scavenger Hunt will go live July 26th at Annual Sessions. We will be handing out physical copies of the necessary documents during Annual Sessions. Once the Scavenger Hunt goes live we will provide a link to PDF versions of the documents on the Scavenger Hunt Page here: pym.org/scavenger-hunt/, for those who wish to participate but aren’t able to make it to Annual Sessions Note: the link will not be live until July 26th check back here on the 26th of July for the questions, instructions and submission form for the Scavenger Hunt. The deadline for results will be September 30th.

Good luck, and have fun!


Link to the Scavenger Hunt Event page: http://www.pym.org/event/pym-scavenger-hunt-2/