Progress: The first meeting, February 7

Implementation Committee

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Here is our first report to you from the Implementation Committee!

The Implementation Committee met for the first time on February 7. We hit the ground running and have established an additional strategic direction, 5 task groups and a timeline for the project.

The committee reviewed the six strategic directions. Based on the minute presented to Annual Sessions about diversity and anti-racism and the movement we see throughout our community, we have added:

7. Provide a safe spiritual home that is welcoming to all

Looking at these seven strategic directions, we saw that two represent concrete actions: creating technology infrastructure to facilitate communication across our geographic footprint and the reorganization of our governance structure. The other five are about how we engage in community: spirit-led, communication, relationships, engagement, participation. The committee has chosen to see the two task-oriented projects as ways of implementing and keeping our focus on the other five. Additionally, we are working on reformulating the strategic directions as queries so we can hold ourselves accountable to progress on them.
We have set up five task groups to focus on transitional tasks that can be managed before a new governance structure is in place. Each task group includes 1-3 members of the Implementation Committee and a staff person. They may also invite additional at large members. The task groups include:

  1. Planning the logistics for the transition from Interim Meeting to Continuing Sessions. (Emily Blanck, Penny Colgan-Davis, Zachary Dutton)
  2. Communicating to the PYM community of plans, obstacles and results of the Implementation Committee efforts. (Maia Simon, Jonathan Snipes, Andrew Thompson, Martin Reber)
  3. Appointing seven at-large members to the Nominating Committee and reviewing procedures for Nominating Committee. (Eric Peterson, Gabbreell James)
  4. Supporting Arch Street Meeting House. The new structure does not have standing committees. In order to most attentively support the Arch Street Meeting House we are shifting responsibility from the standing committee to the Arch Street Meetinghouse Preservation Trust. (Jonathan Snipes, Jada Jackson, Christie Duncan-Tessmer)Creating a Granting Group which will oversee all granting activities for the Yearly Meeting. (Richard Morse, tonya thames taylor, Carol Walz).

Finally, we reviewed a timeline to keep us on task. Most of our work this Spring and Summer will be to ensure the effective launch of the new governance structures. In particular this means creating job descriptions for the members of the Administrative and Quaker Life Councils and and providing clarity for the roles and responsibilities for the councils as well as laying groundwork for the new Continuing Sessions.