Progress: March 2

Implementation Committee

Tuesday, March 2, 2015

Implementation Committee gathered on the phone to work on job descriptions for members of the two councils. The plan is to have 2 meetings to work on this together while committee members do independent work between meetings. We want good job descriptions so that Nominating has a strong sense of who they are looking for to sit on the councils and so that council members know what to expect when stepping into their roles. We discovered as we worked on the documents that we need a “preamble”. The preamble (which may have a different name by the time we are finished) will give a sense of how the work is to be done. It isn’t enough for us, for Friends, to simply do the work. It needs to be done in a way that is so deeply grounded and inclusive that it is able to be truly transformative. The preamble will help inspire and focus us to do that.