Planning for the Children’s Summit is Underway!


It’s been a great year of Junior Interim Meeting work, heading off the SHARE Food Program and helping them pack boxes, organize food, and serve a population of families who do not have food security.  We did all of that because at Yearly Meeting in 2011, the children heard that God’s Big Idea for them was to aid the hungry or homeless.

Now as we prepare for Children’s Sessions at Yearly Meeting here in 2013, I can’t wait to hear our kids speak their truth at the Children’s Summit- which is our process of discernment to discover our course for the next 2 years.  On odd years we hold the summit as a way of choosing a direction, and on even years we practice a search for continuing revelation, and a chance to refine those ideas.

I truly don’t know what we’ll be doing for the next two years of Junior Interim Meetings, but I know that the work will be important, for the kids, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and for the World.