Opportunity for Parents – Let’s Check In!

Young Friends

Hi, Parent of a Young Friend! It’s nice to talk (well, write) to you – we don’t get to do this very much, hunh? I spend most of my time hanging with your kid (which is so great), and when you pick them up and drop them off I’m often scurrying around unpacking or re-packing things. Even so, I really want to connect with you and hear about your needs and perspectives regarding your kid’s development and experience in Young Friends! Towards that end, I’m offering a time after worship on the last morning of Young Friends’ gatherings before I start scurrying and re-packing to meet with parents picking up their youth. This Parents’ check in time will take place for the first time at the end of the Young Friends Spring Gathering on March 29th at Chestnut Hill Meeting at approximately 11:30am. You can come with feedback and questions, or just be interested in connecting and conversing with me and other parents. Can’t attend a parent check in time at the end of a YF gathering? That’s okay! As always, I’m available by phone (215-241-7222) or email – my office hours are typically Tuesdays through Thursdays, 10am – 5pm. I look forward to connecting with you!