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Faith & Practice states that meeting for worship is at the heart of the Religious Society of Friends.  The heart needs tending to and the tenderers need support in turn.  The Worship & Ministry Threadletter offers a means for sharing what is going on in our meetings while offering inspiration, foundation and practical skills. Access archived issues below and subscribe to future issues on the right hand column.

How to Contribute

Share news of your meeting’s work,  ask for help from others or let Friends know about an upcoming event by submitting information and stories to the threadletter blog; click below. You can also share ideas for the featured stories in the Threadletter.  To contribute, contact the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life at programs@pym.org or 215-241-7008.

On Being a Quaker Chaplain and Educator
A Call to Recognize Gifts and Get the Training to Use Them Well

PaulaTeaguePaula J. Teague is a Quaker chaplain and member of Wilmington Friends Meeting. In this post, she reflects on her struggles to discern how her ministry both contradicts and supports the Quaker way within our yearly meeting community. She concludes with the assertion that we need both to recognize Friends’ gifts and provide education for Friends to use their gifts well. Full disclosure: Paula is the mother of Zachary T. Dutton who presently serves our community as Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life.  Read the full article.


Two Resources

The Spiritual Formation Program and the School of the Spirit are services offered throughout the yearly meeting to support Friends in their quest to live from their spiritual center.

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soloGod was a moral adjudicator within the social milieu in which tonya thames taylor was raised. God punished, discouraged, and was frequently disappointed. Yet in the midst of acute brokenness, tonya discovers a different expression of the divine, which contradicts the images of her childhood. From signs to waiting, she endures. Click here to read the full essay.

Resource: The Case for God by Karen Armstrong, for meetings looking for a way into discussion about Faith and belief in their community. Look to quakerbooks.org or the PYM Library.

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summer-2014-wm-threadlett-imageWe’re highlighting two things from the 2014 Summer issue of the Worship & Ministry Threadletter. Click here to view the full archived version.

1. Two stories of convincement: click here.

2. A new website with videos probing the spiritual life of Quakers called QuakerSpeak: click here.

The intersection between our worship and our community is a vital inflection point in our meetings. The stories below share the experience and wisdom among us on this important relationship. Read on to learn from the experience in our Yearly Meeting.

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threadleter-imageWe’re highlighting three things from the 2013 Spring issue of the Worship & Ministry Threadletter. View the complete archived newsletter

1. A story sharing ideas about ways to experience worship with children. Click here.

2. A story by Kathleen Karhnak-Glasby with reflections and ideas for families and meetings who want to nurture their children’s experience of worship. Click here.

3. Handouts and articles on worshiping with children. Click here.

There is Life and Energy in Our Yearly Meeting! 

359The Spirit was palpable amongst us. There was an immediate resonance between Friends, an opening that allowed for deep sharing, which lifted my weary soul.

Friends from across the Yearly Meeting gathered for learning and fellowship at the first Worship & Ministry Thread Gathering. They also found a life and energy that represents the sense of the Yearly Meeting that Friends yearn for.

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Worship is the Heart of the Society of Friends

sunflowerBelow there are stories, wisdom and resources from our community on tending to the heart of our society – our worship. Read, enjoy, and share this issue with others in your meeting. Archived complete threadletter


The Threads of our Ministries Weave Us Together

blue-threadThis is the inaugural issue of PYM Worship & Ministry Threadletter! Threadletters are bi-monthly e-newsletters which allow us to share the work, wisdom and resources for a thread of ministry that weaves through our meetings. This threadletter is for Friends who are called to serve the Divine through attention to worship and ministry in our meetings.


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