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PYM Today Online

PYM Today Online is published monthly to provide timely information about our Quaker faith and practice, news, activities and upcoming events. Subscription is free and available to anyone at any time. PYM Today Online  articles usually include:

  • Message from the General Secretary
  • News from Interim Meeting & Junior Interim Meeting
  • Spiritually-inspiring readings
  • Resources for Meetings
  • Upcoming Events

Community Engagement Newsletter

Community Engagement Newsletters update PYM Friends on opportunities for involvement, connection and action. This Newsletter is released four times per year to all of the Thread Lists. To sign up for a Thread List, click “subscribe” above. It is brought to you by the PYM Staff Community Engagement Team. Friends typically find some of the following in each newsletter:

  • Upcoming events
  • Resources to take action
  • Tools and information about PYM resources
  • Stories of ongoing work.


What are Thread Lists? You can sign up to be added to lists that are themed according to one of these Threads: Pastoral Care, Worship & Ministry, Peace & Social Justice, Finances and Giving, Communications & Outreach, Religious Education, and Youth Programs. It will mean you receive the Community Engagement Newsletter four times per year, and you’ll get periodic announcements (5 to 10 times per year) about upcoming events happening within the thread. Click “Subscribe” above to sign up for one or more Thread lists.

We used to send Thread Newsletters. Now we send one Community Engagement Newsletter four times per year. The Thread Newsletters were newsletters containing stories, resources, and announcements within the Threads listed above.

The image of the “Thread” was and remains a useful metaphor, representing aspects of Quaker Faith and Practice that weave us together, as it were. They are areas of focus that every local Quaker community faces in some fashion. You can view archived Threadletters below.