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Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has embarked on a program to take advantage of the improved communications methods available in the 21st Century to help strengthen communication, connections, relationships and knowledge among everyone in our yearly meeting faith community, across geography, time and types of media.

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PYM Today Online

PYM Today Online is published monthly to provide timely information about our Quaker faith and practice, news, activities and upcoming events. Subscription is free and available to anyone at any time. PYM Today Online  articles usually include:

  • Message from the General Secretary
  • News from Interim Meeting & Junior Interim Meeting
  • Spiritually-inspiring readings
  • Resources for Meetings
  • Upcoming Events

PYM Thread Newsletters

“Threadletters” provide information, insight and connection for people interested in specific aspects of Quaker faith and practice. They are published two to three times a year. Below are links to blogs that highlight stories and resources that were published in each Threadletter. The blog pages offer more information about the focus of each Threadletter as well.