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 Faith and Practice Revision One Book, One Yearly Meeting

After PYM annual sessions last summer, the clerk and General Secretary of our yearly meeting invited Friends to take time during the coming year to familiarize themselves with the proposed revision of Faith and Practice. The Faith and Practice Sprint* wants to help Friends dig into the new book with this information page. Whether taking a look individually or as a group in your meeting, Friends will find helpful, engaging and inspiring material and, in the process of getting acquainted with the revision, will be preparing for 2017 annual sessions when the revision will come before the body for consideration for adoption.

Where to look: www.pym.org/one-book-one-yearly-meeting

Why a revision? The Faith and Practice Revision Group, serving from 2009-2016, worked to make Faith and Practice more useful and more accessible and to bring it up to date. This has been done periodically throughout our history. (The previous revision was published in 1997 and then slightly updated in 2002.)

What has changed in the 2016 revision?

  • The organization of the contents has been rearranged to better serve individuals and meetings.
    • The revision opens with material about the important elements of our faith and how our faith is reflected in practice (Sections I-III). Historical Background now appears in Section IV.
    • The guidelines and procedures that individuals and meetings often use are easier to locate, gathered into a new section by that name (Section VII).
  • The General Queries have changed. There are still 12 sets of general queries so that meetings can consider one set each month if they wish. (They are in Section VII).
    • Some of the queries have remained the same, and some have been updated, combined with others, or replaced.
    • The 12 general queries have been arranged into four groups by topic: Deepening Our Faith, Nurturing Our Community, Grounding for Transformed Lives, and Witnessing in the World.

What is new in the 2016 revision?

  • Friends and Some of Their Organizations – a resource of some of the ways Friends carry their work and witness into the world — listings and websites (Section V)
  • Extracts from the Writings of Friends – more from women, young people and Friends of color (Section VI)
  • Guidelines and Procedures — previously scattered throughout the book, are now collected in Section VII. They have been reviewed and updated, and some new guidelines have been added. All are meant to be helpful for supporting members and attenders, deepening spiritual life, and attending to business. New and updated items include:
    • Guidelines for a Spiritual Self-assessment of the Meeting
    • Queries and Checklist on End-of-Life Matters
    • Guidelines for Care Committees – for clearness committees, for pastoral care assistance committees, and for spiritual care committees
  • Resources (Section VIII) — a selection of references to books, pamphlets and on-line documents, which supplement the material in the book

*Please contact us at the email below if you have questions, want more information, or to share your meeting’s experience with the revision.

Suzanne Day, clerk: suzanne@riverfarm.org
Faith and Practice Sprint, March 2017