2017 Queries

colourful-umbrella-1191015-639x426We encourage Friends to come together in fellowship while reading the Faith and Practice Revision in full, as a practice of relationship and community building. We have included, below, a few basic queries for communities to use when wrestling with the many profound insights in the text.

The Queries


  1. At this point in your spiritual journey, how does this part of the revision speak to your condition?
  2. How does it speak to the condition of your family life?
  3. How does it speak to the condition of your spiritual community?


These relate to the quotations from the Advices that open most of the sections.

Section I: Experience and Faith—How do I seek to place God at the center of my life and activities? How does my meeting center God in its life and work?

Section II: Faith Reflected in Practice and Daily Life

  1. Community Life—How has our meeting reflected and embodied the Kingdom of God, or Beloved Community, in its life and work
  2. Personal Life—In what ways have I brought my life and work under the healing andordering of Spirit?

Section III:

Faith Reflected in our Organization—To what extent does our meeting conduct its affairs ‘with forbearance and warm affection for each other’?

Section IV:

Historical Background—In what ways does the history of our Religious Society, and its ‘continuing testimony regarding the power of Spirit to lead us out of confusion and violence,’ inform my understanding of and response to the present ‘times of disturbance’?

Section V:

Friends and Some of Their Organizations—Which of the organizations identified in this section are unfamiliar and which would I like to learn more about?

Section VI:

Extracts—How might I utilize the Advices and Extracts as I seek to center God in my life and work? How might my meeting assist in this process?

Section VII:

Guidelines and Procedures—In what ways might I and my meeting use these guidelines and procedures to enhance the effectiveness of our spiritual community?

Section VIII:

Resources—How might I and my meeting take advantage of these resources to enhance the quality of worship and the conduct of business?