2017 Book

The 2017 Book has been selected! It is our Faith & Practice Revision. Our Faith and Practice book is an expression of some of the foundational elements of the Quaker Way for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. One of the elements, for example, is that every single person has access to profound, ever-present inward wisdom. The Quaker Way challenges us continually to access this inward wisdom, living from the center in every moment. This requires spiritual discipline and support from a community of Friends holding each other in love, care and mutual accountability. Our Faith and Practice helps to provide some of this mutual accountability.

So it’s imperative that we revisit it, updating it to reflect Quaker continuing revelation–another foundational element of our Faith. We hope that this year everyone takes a moment to read the proposed Faith and Practice Revision in full so it can support you in your spiritual journey. We have included a few basic queries for communities to follow, if they’d like. We considered the Faith and Practice Revision during our recent Annual Sessions in July of 2016, and it will come before us again at a future Annual or Continuing Session for approval and adoption.