2017 Book

The new, proposed Faith and Practice revision is the “One Book One Yearly Meeting” selection for 2017.

Faith and Practice is our book. It is meant to be a “guide, and not a rule, for our members, attenders and others who seek to understand how Friends in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting express our faith — in our lives, our communities and our organizations.” The text reflects a commitment to recognize the diversity that exists in our yearly meeting and honor this rich variety of experience.

Periodically throughout our history, the yearly meeting has appointed a working group to bring our book up to date, most recently in 2009. The Faith and Practice Revision Group completed their charge in 2016. Early in 2017 the Administrative Council appointed the Faith and Practice Sprint to help Friends become familiar with the revision in order to prepare for 2017 annual sessions when the revision will come before the body for consideration for adoption. After the revision is accepted, it will come under the care of another group, whose charge will be to take the book through layout, proofreading, indexing and printing. It will also be available online as a searchable document.

The Faith and Practice Sprint invites Friends to dig into the revision. On this page there are links which the sprint group hopes will be of help:

  • an “overview” summarizing some of the things that are new and different in the revision;
  • the whole revision;
  • “smaller bites,” separate sections of the revision based on the table of contents;
  • “twelve sets of revised General Queries” from section VII of the revision (some meetings are already using them);
  • other queries — to consider while exploring the revision.

Please contact the Faith and Practice Sprint clerk, Suzanne Day, at

suzanne@riverfarm.org if you have questions, want more information, or to share your meeting’s experience with the revision.