Woodstown Quakers Crank Up the Volume for Humanitarian Demining

Giving, Peace & Social Concerns, Volunteering, Worship and Ministry

With the help of his fellow Quakers, Jack Mahon of Elmer, New Jersey, has dedicated the last ten years to sending magnetic locators to poor and struggling communities throughout the world. The locators, a product of Schonstedt Instrument Company, can detect the presence of landmines and other unexploded weaponry left behind in a warzone. Once locals are trained to use …

FCNL’s Quaker Public Policy Institute big success!

Legislative Policy Collaborative

Can you picture this? There were 425 Quakers from programmed meetings, un-programmed meetings, evangelical Friends churches, and other Quaker organizations from all across the United States, joyfully traipsing all over Capitol Hill on November 2 and 3 this year. About 54 of those Friends were from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Imagine! You would think there would be much silence, but no! …

Praying on Seeds: Solidarity for Puerto Rican Sovereignty

First Day School, Friends Who Care For Youth, Peace & Social Concerns, Religious Education, Young Adult Friends

by marian dalke A Sunday morning of soft light is cast through deep wooden windows. The light swifts over and picks up the soft cotton of milkweed seeds, sailing over the heads of those gathered for Quaker Meeting for Worship at Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. Meanwhile, Grace Gonglewski shares a message about “praying on seeds,” as she casts more milkweed …

Cadbury Library (Your PhYM Library) reminder! Visit! Borrow!

First Day School

Remember the Yearly Meeting library?    It is at Friends Center, was on the first floor, now on the  balcony of the Cherry Street Room! It continues to be open without staff (Rita retired in 2010), thanks to volunteers. It shows up at Yearly Meeting in session, and on the web, from which you can  borrow  by mail. Call 215-241-7220 or …

Welcome, Melinda Wenner Bradley!

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Our New Youth Engagement Coordinator! Scroll down for a personal message from Melinda.  We announce with great joy that Melinda Wenner Bradley of West Chester Monthly Meeting will soon join the staff of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) as our first Youth Engagement Coordinator. Melinda will work with other community members to steward the ministry and religious life of our children, …

General Secretary Report to PYM Councils for October 2017

General Secretary

Each month I present a report that shares highlights of the work of staff to the PYM Councils. It includes a written report with highlights organized by focus area (Finance, Program, etc) and an oral report going into a little more detail on one or two areas. Beginning this year, I am posting the reports online as well so they …

Quakers Meet with Rep. Fitzpatrick to Discuss Climate Change


Seventeen Quakers from Newtown Friends Meeting and Pennswood Village met with Representative Brian Fitzpatrick in his Langhorne office. The group requested that Fitzpatrick co-sponsor a piece of bipartisan legislation, H.R.2858, the SUPER Act to Reduce Climate Pollutants. The bill would establish a federal task force to reduce short-lived greenhouse gas emissions that are most toxic to public health and harmful …

Apply to Work with and for Our Youth

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Dear Friends! I want to make sure you are aware that we are nearing completion of the process to hire our first Youth Engagement Coordinator. We aim to complete the process by the middle of November, 2017. Another announcement will follow at that time. When the new Youth Engagement Coordinator is hired, they will need immediately to commence another process …

Updates from Indian Committee Grantees


We Are Still Here Greetings from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee. We’ve been around for a few hundred years, but you might have seen us this summer at Continuing Sessions workshop on How to Be an Ally to Indigenous Peoples We thought you might like a report back on the outcomes of some of the grants we have recently administered …

“Don’t get scared – get prepared.” A Call to Meetings around Climate Change Prevention

Eco-Justice Collaborative

“Don’t get scared – get prepared.”  A Call to Meetings around Climate Change Prevention from the Eco-Justice Collaborative The recent floods, hurricanes, and wildfires across the country have awoken many of us to the need for preparation, adaptation and mitigation to extreme weather. We’ve gotten messages and guidance on how to help Friends Meetings in Texas and Florida and many …

Atlantic Coast Quaker Activists – Seize the Day – Join Us!


Sometime last Winter PYM hosted a series of teleconference calls and a few things were noticed. One of the calls included about 40 PYM Members and was focused on Social Justice and Activism. It was uniformly discovered that since the Presidential Election – Quakers have exploded in the spirit of cause and witness. A “sprint” was developed and applied for. …

Historic Designation Ceremony for St. John United Methodist Church (Fordville)

Religious Education

The St. John United Methodist Church (Fordville) in Cumberland County, NJ, invites PYM Friends to attend a ceremony marking the church’s official designation as an Historic Native American Methodist Church. It is the only church to receive such designation in the State of New Jersey and is the fifth oldest Native American Methodist Church in the Nation. St. John UMC …

Chichester Meetinghouse Gets a Helping Hand

Monthly Meeting Management

Please Note: This article was originally published in Concord Quarter's October 2017 newsletter. More newsletters are available on the Concord Quarter's website. Bill Birney’s ancestors came to Delaware County from Ireland in 1849 and were stonemasons and stonecutters by trade. He has a far distant first cousin whose last name adorns a roadway not far from Neumann University in Aston, PA. ...

Gospel of Thomas Workshop Will Come to Your Meeting


Alex Miller of Downingtown Meeting will bring his workshop on the Gospel of Thomas to your monthly meeting. The workshop, which Alex has presented at Annual Sessions, is designed for a group of 20-30 people. Upon discovery, the Gospel of Thomas was deemed to pose “grave danger”to the church establishment. The Gospel consists of simple verses, many of which match …

Haddonfield Quarterly Mtg Observes World Quaker Day, Sunday, October 1


Members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) locally and around the world, will celebrate World Quaker Day on Sunday, October 1. This year’s theme set by the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) is “Gathering in Worship Around the Globe.” This observance seeks to unite Friends from different traditions and different countries into one virtual worshipping community. “There are …

FREE EdX Course Announcement

Addressing Racism, Friends and Education, Young Friends

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education – Advancing reconciliation in classrooms, organizations, and communities through the teaching and learning of Indigenous ways of knowing. The University of British Columbia is offering a 6 week on-line course that begins October 17, 2017. M​ight this on-line course​ find space in your schedule? Having successfully completed the course, a member of Salem Quarter Indian Affairs Committee …

General Secretary’s Letter from Bethlehem

General Secretary

Tonight is our last night in the Middle East. Every day so far I’ve felt like the day couldn’t be any longer or more emotional. Each day I learn that it can be. This was absolutely the longest day filled with more experience than I can process.

General Secretary’s Letter from Jerusalem

General Secretary

I’m writing this letter at the end of two very full days in and around Jerusalem. We are staying in a place right across the street from the New Gate to the Old City. It is mesmerizing to be walking in Jerusalem on the same streets that Jesus did.