New Youth Programs Assistant!

Middle School Friends, Young Friends

PYM’s Young Friends and Middle School Friends Programs are pleased to announce Kody Hersh as the Youth Programs Assistant. The Youth Programs Assistant is a new position that incorporates the former Young Friends Program Assistant and the Middle School Friends Program Assistant into a single role, creating greater continuity between the two programs and providing a familiar face and personality for transitioning youth to rely upon.

Raised in the loving environment of Southeastern Yearly Meeting, Kody Hersh’s adventures in life and faith have included lots of singing, teaching, writing, and cookie-baking. He currently enjoys living in Germantown with his housemate-family, preparing First Day School lessons for the high school class at Radnor Monthly Meeting, and snuggling babies. He is active in the Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns and assists on the staff of Friends General Conference for the summer FGC Gathering. Other interests include sexuality education, reclaiming the subversiveness of Jesus, contra dancing, and PYM Youth Programs.

Kody brings a passionate commitment to his work with PYM youth, which in many ways integrates his life passions for Quakerism, ministry, religious education, and youth work. The Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program first brought Kody into consistent relationship with PYM Youth Programs as an intern for the Middle School Friends Program. In that role Kody attended numerous MSF gatherings leading workshops, serving as the consistent Friendly Adult Presence for one grade-level’s check-in, and developing a Clerk training for the Youth Programs in concert with Arthur Larrabee. Since that time, Kody has served as a Friendly Adult Presence with both programs, facilitating the Clerk training and other Quaker Business guides as workshops, along with several other workshops about spirituality, doubt, Quakerism, the Bible and some combinations thereof.

The Young Friends and Middle School Friends Programs are both thrilled to welcome Kody Hersh on board to continue his vibrant service with PYM youth in his new role as the Youth Programs Assistant!