New Logo for Young Friends Community!

Young Friends

You’ve probably seen one: the T-shirt with a silhouetted circle of old-fashioned Quaker youth holding hands with the words “Young Friends” in an arch above the image. These well-loved shirts have been worn with pride by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Young Friends and adults who were associated with that program for over a decade! While these T-shirts remain dear to our hearts, current Young Friends have been exploring the possibility of a new logo for a Young Friends T-shirt, and at their most recent gathering at Camp Onas the Young Friends Meeting for Business approved a new logo!


The idea of changing logos first arose for many reasons. Many Young Friends wished for an image that felt contemporary rather than referring to older Quaker traditions of simple dress that most of us no longer practice. Additionally Friends wished to have a symbol for the Young Friends community that did not visually represent only two genders, reinforcing the gender binary, which poorly represents the diverse gender-identities and -presentations of the current community.

Young Friends have had a year of discernment around the logo, shepherded by the Young Friends Outreach Committee. This process featured an initial brainstorming of words and ideas Young Friends felt they wanted the logo to express, proposals from a few designers, the selection of a single proposed image and a few following rounds of tweaking. The final logo, designed by graphic artist and former Young Friend Griffin MacCaulay, is an image of a floating dandelion seed with a hidden “Y” and “F” in the stalk and branches. Young Friends hope this image, inspired by the tenacity of the Quaker seed of truth paired a sense of travel far and wide in our spiritual journeys, can prompt conversations about our spiritual lives, communities and convictions. Young Friends and others can look forward to purchasing a T-shirt displaying this beautiful logo at the Young Friends Christmas Gathering, December 27th to 30th at Fallsington Meeting!