New Adult Clerk of Young Friends!

Young Friends

The Young Friends Sustainability gathering that took place November 1st through 3rd at Lancaster Friends Meeting had many moments of classic Young Friend-ly fun and celebration. Whether we were whizzing down the long and steep slide in the back yard, warming up by an outdoor fire post-service-project protecting native plants, or dancing the wobble in elaborate Halloween wear at the costume ball, Young Friends seemed to be having a great time! Perhaps no other moment was as jubilantly celebrated as the approval of Robert Rosenthal as the new Adult Clerk – an action that concluded a highly efficient Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on Saturday morning of the gathering.

Robert Rosenthal, a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, has been volunteering as a Friendly Adult Presence with the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Youth Programs since his son was a participant in the Middle School Friends program. A faithful FAP, Robert attended most MSF gatherings and was a member of the Middle School Friends Working Group. When his son moved into the Young Friends program, Robert cut back to FAPing just one gathering each year, giving his son some space to be in community independently. With his son in college now, Robert has been enthusiastically lending a hand and FAPing as often as he is able. Young Friends identified him as an excellent candidate for Adult Clerk over the summer due to his discernment, experience and dedication. Robert accepted his nomination with great humility, expressing the honor that he felt to be identified to serve the Young Friends community in this role.

Robert comes on board with energy for supporting Young Friends Clerks and leadership to streamline their communications between gatherings, stay on top of the needs of the committee structure, and effectively clerk and track Young Friend business. His first term will be for a one year, as discerned by Young Friends during their business at annual sessions. The Young Friends community is most grateful to welcome Robert into the Adult Clerk role!