Yearly Meeting


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) is at one and the same time a Quaker faith community, an organization and an annual gathering called yearly meeting or Annual Sessions.  We joyfully invite and welcome all seekers to join us!

PYM the Quaker faith community comprises 103 congregations (meetings) that are located generally in the eastern half of Pennsylvania, southern half of New Jersey, the state of Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland.   Participants meet weekly and other times for worship, fellowship, religious education and our work in the world.

PYM the organization
is a large number of committees, working groups, granting groups and volunteers, plus a small paid staff, who conduct the work of our faith community on an ongoing basis.  Formal business is conducted by Interim Meeting, which meets  five times per year, between annual sessions.

PYM the annual session
is a special event each year where seekers and members from all our monthly meetings gather to enjoy and participate in larger group worship, religious education, business, fellowship and fun.  PYM annual sessions are usually held the last week of July each year in a residential campus setting.