Lane Taylor is named the first clerk of the Quaker Life Council

Implementation Committee

LaneTaylorIt is with great joy that we report that Interim Meeting has approved the nomination of Lane Taylor to be clerk of the Quaker Life Council! The Quaker Life Council has the responsibility of helping provide the yearly meeting community with humble leadership in Quaker faith and practice. With divine assistance and in relationship with other council members, Friends on the Quaker Life Council maintain the health and integrity of the community, spiritual depth and relationships within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The nominating committee brought Lane’s name forward at Interim Meeting in April where Friends shared some very affirming comments about her depth and abilities before calling out a resounding “Approved!” Afterwards, Lane said “I love this Yearly Meeting. I really do. I haven’t found it’s magic anywhere else, and I want to be a part of it’s continuing revelation.”

Lane grew up at Plumstead Friends Meeting in Bucks Quarter, and she currently lives in Elkins Park. After college, she worked for Planned Parenthood for two years serving both as clinician working with patients and an administrative worker who helped oversee the financial aspects involved with running the clinic. During this time, Plumstead Lane-jumpingMeeting appointed her as their Interim Meeting representative, as well as one of their representatives on the Board of Friends Camp Association: Camp Onas (she is currently the rising Treasurer of this Board). In 2010, Lane then attended graduate school to obtain a Masters in Public Health in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. During this period of time, she joined the Sessions Planning Group and the Worship & Care Standing Committee (she currently serves on both groups). She currently works full-time as a Training Specialist for the PA/MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center of the Health Federation of Philadelphia, where she facilitates training programs on a range of topics that are focused on providing information to clinical providers that will enable them to provide high-quality care for HIV-positive individuals. Lane is a yoga instructor, and she is currently teaching in West Philly.

Members of the council are yet to be named. The council will take up its work in the late summer and early Fall.