You Are Welcome Here!

You are welcome to join us as you are!  Dress as you feel comfortable.

We believe that every person is loved by the Divine Spirit. There are Quakers of all ages, religious backgrounds, races, education, sexual orientations, gender identities, and classes.

We come together in worship

  • to listen to God;
  • to know and be known by God;
  • to grow in our faith;
  • to be changed;
  • to support each other; and
  • to help one another do what God asks us to do.

Our time together looks like

  • sitting quietly together;
  • listening if someone is moved by the Spirit to speak;
  • including children for a time before or after a children’s program;
  • shaking hands when worship ends; and greeting those around us.

This information has been adapted from the Friends General Conference Quaker Quest program.