Request Form

Application Process

Consult the guidelines and funding request form for additional details.

Please provide the following information in preparing your funding request. Providing clear and concise information makes it easier for us to determine if we will be able to support your request.

Please try to meet the deadlines outlined in the Guidelines. We are all volunteers with jobs, families and other obligations, so having enough lead time to carefully review the information you send is important to us.

  1. Describe in detail your project and funding need. How will the funding be used? Please give us a specific amount for the funding you are requesting.
  2. Who will benefit from the proposed project or funding? If this is the first time you have contacted us, please introduce yourself and the community/organization to benefit from the support. You are welcome to attach additional materials such as an Annual Report or newsletters, etc., that might provide background.
  3. Tell us the time-frame for the project and use of funding? Have you set goals for completion or do you have deadlines to meet?
  4. Please provide names and contact information for people who have put together the request and/or who will be in charge of its completion. In the event that we are able to provide funding, tell us how a check should be made out and where it should be mailed.
  5. Have you looked for other sources of funding? Please describe (sometimes we can offer suggestions for additional funding sources, so it is helpful for us to get an idea of what you have already done). We favor requests where there is clear evidence that an effort was made to find as many other funding sources as possible.
  6. If funded, we expect you to provide a brief written follow-up report to document how the PYM Indian Committee funding was used and how your project is progressing. For local organizations or individuals we would welcome you to make a brief presentation in-person at an Indian Committee meeting (we would try to make this as convenient to you as possible).

Thank you for providing the information requested. We will try to get back to you in writing or by telephone as soon as possible after the meeting in which your request is considered.

Please keep in mind that it normally takes at least 60 days from the time we receive a funding request to the time we are able to mail a check, since we must submit paperwork to our Yearly Meeting Finance office for the release of a check. Emergency requests requiring a shorter turn-around time may be considered occasionally but are very difficult to meet.

Please send your funding request and supporting documentation to:

Kate DeRiel, Co-Clerk
telephone: (610) 446-8383
Indian Committee email:
24 Strathmore Road
Havertown, PA 19083