Implementation of New Grants Committee

Implementation Committee

Implementation Committee set up several task groups to address projects that might be moved into place in the near-term, before the councils were appointed.  This process allows us to hand some amount of the new responsibilities to the Councils in a manner that is ready to go.  One of these projects is the Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee will be under the care of the Administrative Council and it will provide the supervision and nurturing care for all of the yearly meeting’s granting groups.  In this way the granting groups can continue their vital work but will also be structurally in relationship with all of the other granting groups.  The Grants Committee Task Group began it’s process by reaching out to the Granting Groups.  Their  letter, below, describes the next steps.  Friends with questions may direct them to Richard Morse, clerk of the task group ( or Carol Walz, Director of Grantmaking at PYM (; 215-241-7201).

To: Clerks of PYM Granting Groups
From: The Granting Task Group of the PYM Implementation Committee consisting of Richard Morse, tonya thames taylor, Carol Walz, and Ron Ploeg.
Date: February 26, 2015
Regarding: Survey of PYM Granting Groups for 5-Year Plan transition.

You probably recall that PYM approved a 5-Year Plan on July 26, 2014 at Annual Sessions. This included a reorganization of the granting function under a new Granting Committee that will replace the present oversight by standing committees. In anticipation of appointment of the Grants Committee, we need to look at the existing Granting Groups and how they are functioning now.
We are asking you to provide responses to the questions below by Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Our preferred format would be a Word document emailed to Carol Walz at . If that is not possible for you, a printed version could be mailed to her at PYM, 1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. We will review all responses. Once the Interim Granting Committee is appointed by the Implementation Committee, the survey responses will be provided to them as well. Please provide your response to Carol Walz by Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

1. Describe briefly your granting group’s ongoing or projected work for the coming year, including meeting dates, times, and locations. Please note whether scheduled meetings are in person or via other means such as conference call.
2. With what other PYM programs or committees does your granting group interact? Please explain.
3. Please attach your granting group’s:

a. Current guidelines.
b. job descriptions for committee members and for the granting group as a whole
c. List of current group members with their initial appointment date and current panel assignments (term expiration). Please note interests and talents of each member, including clerking, recording and communications skills.
d. Annual report, or list or summary of grants made last year (10/1/2013 through 9/30/2014).

We will also be asking the standing committees to bring all granting group appointments up to date by May 1, 2015.