Implementation Committee Meets with PYM Financial Leadership

Implementation Committee

The Friends who serve in leadership positions for our yearly meeting’s finances met by phone with the clerk of Implementation Committee. The goal of the meeting was to ensure that the work of Implementation is meeting our financial and budgeting needs so that when the new structure moves into position we may remain on solid footing.

The phone call included the clerks of the Financial Stewardship Committee (Andrew Anderson) and the Financial Oversight Working Group (Joyce Moore) as well as the yearly meeting’s treasurer (Ron Ploeg). Additionally our General Secretary (Christie Duncan-Tessmer) and Associate Secretary for Business & Finance (Linell McCurry) joined the call.

First, Implementation Committee members, Jonathan and Christie, gave an overview of the structure that has responsibility for the finances: the Administrative Council. The council will include 15 people who are being chosen to ensure that it has expertise in finances, accounting, legal issues, personnel and property. The Treasurer is ex officio on the council. The council itself will be responsible for supervising the budget and presenting it for approval to the body of Friends in the yearly meeting. They may appoint a smaller group to keep a close eye on it but ultimately the council holds the responsibility. This is true as well for our investments.

After some clarifying questions, the Friends who serve in our financial leadership positions were satisfied that the new structure will serve us well. Their most significant concern was that the incoming council members be well trained so they know what to expect and when and know some of the nuances to be aware of. They graciously offered to participate in the training that will be provided for the council members as part of the transition process.